Fangio Original Movie Poster 1979
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Fangio - 1979 Documentary, Original Poster - Italy

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Fangio, A life at 300KPH - 1979 Documentary, Original Poster - Italy.

Hugh Hudson's bio-pic of 'The Maestro', Juan Manuel Fangio.

Fangio, a lovely bloke, when not driving, was not the most animated of men. Hugh Hudson, director of the film, just to add a bit more action to counterpoint some of the longer winded Fangio monologues, intercut stock footage of some of the most calamitous of motor-racing prangs up to the point that the movie was made, hence the somewhat anachronistic scene in the backgound of this poster.

One of those scenes was of the dramatic and tragic Le Mans '55 race. This graphic footage was too much the the UK censors, who demanded that they and other scenes were cut before the film could be released. Hudson with the backing of money man Volpi, effectively said 'up yours', so the film was banned, both here and in other countries, with the notable exception of Italy, Argentina and Spain. The film has only recently been released here, and is available on DVD. Here's the IMDb entry for the movie, which tells you pretty much, nada:

A consequence of all this is that almost all the very limited amount of publicity material for the first release of the film, is from Italy, which leads us to  this magnificent '2-sheet', measuring c.55 x 39 inches, with the famous depiction of Fangio opposite locking the Maserati 250 F.

The poster is in fine cinema used condition i.e. a few pinholes and a little border and fold wear. It displays superbly, and I would leave it just as it is, frame it, and love it.

The small pix are just a few of the other Fangio items I have. Hit this link to see more:

Origin: Italy 1979
Size: 55 x 39 in / 140 x 99 cm
Condition: Fine, cinema used.

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