Die Pranke - Talbot-Darracq  Germany 1931
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Die Pranke - Talbot-Darracq Germany 1931

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OK, so what is this late '20s racer ?
My feeling is that it's something well-known with a hideous nose bolted to it (a bit like my Great Aunt Dahlia) but do you know for sure ?.
Essentially this is murder with motor-racing, as this 4pp programme explains in considerable detail.......German language, of course.

UPDATE: Having just received this month's "the Automobile", I find that there's a feature on the GP Talbot-Darracqs of the late '20s, and this appears to be the T-D car (re-built and re-nosed) in which Pratesi was killed in 1933.

Origin: Germany 1931
Size: 12 x 9 in / 30 x 23 cm
Condition: Very good. This is a German movie programme, and the pic is of the centre-spread.

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