Wenn mein Schatzchen auf die Pauke haut.  Germany 1971
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Wenn mein Schatzchen auf die Pauke haut. Germany 1971

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Here's the Google Translate version of the German IMDb synopsis of the movie with the UK title of @When my Baby Bangs on the Drums'.
You work it out........ "The industrialist's son Kristian Wernher has brought his father to uranium-rich rock samples from Brazil. Behind this, however, a competitor ago. The clumsy crooks couple Big Ben and Cindy tried to snatch the stones Kristian. On his escape he quartered himself incognito in the small town of Forest Lake - under the name of Dr. Gustav Kellermann, whom he met at a car accident. Kristian has no idea that he is now considered to be the new headmaster. The Office tired former Director Lauritz Bercelius has secretly a school band called "Black Hand" built to emphasize the bold strokes his desire for an early retirement. Kristian is but spared by accident at first, because the rascals confuse his hotel room. There meets Walter, the fiance of Bercelius pedantic 'niece Felicity ..."

Still there is a Porsche 914 front and centre, and don't you wish you had Rolf's (above) name ?

Origin: Germany 1971
Size: 9 x 11 in / 23 x 28 cm
Condition: Pinholes, small creases, otherwise good.

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