Bedazzled 1967
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Bedazzled , Peter Cook & Dudley Moore , 1967. Original German Movie Poster

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Bedazzled - the original of course - was an absolute joy, mostly because of the satanic presence of the great Peter Cook.  Dudley Moore did what Dudley does so well in this retelling of Goethe's 'Tragedy of Faust' and Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'.  More information on these is at: .

My real reason for getting this original German poster for Bedazzled is the wonderful portrait of Peter Cook as Stanley Moon's 'Mephistopheles' also known as George Spiggot.

Eleanor Bron as Margaret, Barry Humphries as Envy, and Raquel Welch as Lilian Lust also deserve honourable mentions.

Condition: As you can see, there are three horizontal folds, which will flatten with framing. There is also a little edge wear to either side.  More serious is this: there's a chunk of paper missing (3" x 3") in the top left hand corner. I have made a simple repair to restore both paper and colour, but this repair is by no means perfect.  Framed, it will barely be noticeable, but if you're an absolute perfectionist, stay away.

This is priced taking condition into account.

Origin: Germany 1967
Size: 33 x 23 in / 84 x 58 cm
Condition: See description.

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