Ce Jolie Monde, Original Movie Poster
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Ce Joli Monde, Original French Poster, 1957. Lambretta

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Ce Joli Monde (This Pretty World) and an original poster from France, so cute you could put a ribbon on it and call it Rupert.

It's here to celebrate the rare appearance of the mid-50s Lambretta, the motor-scooter of choice for those who couldn't handle the fire breathing Vespa. And because I like to have a link to someone relevant, try this: http://www.lambretta.co.uk/  I am assured they have 'base jetting details for most set ups'.  No, I have not a clue what the hell they're talking about. But this is scooter territory, and that involves brains far superior to my own.

Ce Joli Monde, by the way, was a comedy - you can tell by the flugelhorn - and the poster is in lovely condition.


Origin: France 1957
Size: 30 x 23 in / 76 x 58 cm
Condition: Excellent

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