Italian Job - Original Italian Movie Poster - 1969 - HUGE !
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Italian Job - Original Italian Movie Poster - 1969 - HUGE !

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The Italian Job is certainly one of the most popular British movies ever made. The tale of the Turin gold heist organised by Michael Caine with the backing of Noel Coward is memorable for many things, most of them involving Mini Coopers.

I was exhibiting at a show in the UK a few years ago when a young mum ambled by with a very tiny toddler perched on her shoulders. I had the Original UK  poster for The Italian Job on the wall, and the mum said to the toddler "What do you say now ?" to which the little one piped up: "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off !". Mother's response : "Bloody Daddy".

This original movie poster, being a 'quatrofoglio', was printed in two pieces. It's also bloody big at c.140x200cm.....that's six and half feet tall and four and a half feet wide, to those of us who still count on fingers. The other thing to mention about quatrofoglios is that they were, more often than not, pasted on billboards, because they were printed in two pieces. Result ? Very few survive.

This quatrofoglio has now been linen backed, and is quite magnificent. I have crappysnapped it on my office wall, so it's a little casual. Please drop me a line if you require further details.

The Italian Job is so well known that there is little point in me telling you much about, especially as there is a website like this to tell you everything you need to know, except that I love Maggie Blye.


Origin: Italy 1969
Size: 79 x 55 in / 201 x 140 cm
Condition: Excellent.

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