Original Movie Poster Rokkende Ungdom, Denmark, 1956
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Rokkende Ungdom - Original Danish Movie Poster, 1956

  • £165

Rokkende Ungdom (Rocking Youth) is the Danish Poster for the Norwegian movie Gylne Ungdom (Golden Youth), thus proving that things are considerably funkier in Denmark than Norway.

The reason for this poster is  that the artist, for some reason known only to himself, has stuck a naive rendition of a Porsche 356 in the middle of the image, being chased by the rozzers. Nothing odd about that you might say, but according to IMCDb - a really useful site: http://www.imcdb.org/ - there is no Porsche in the movie.

You work it out. For me, I think the artist for Rokkende Ungdom was a Porsche nut.

Origin: Denmark 1956
Size: 33 x 24 in / 84 x 61 cm
Condition: Very good

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