Shaker Run
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Shaker Run, Original UK Quad Movie Poster, 1985

  • £85

V8s mowing down Hobbits ! What a brilliant movie concept, and so very nearly true.

Shaker Run is a New Zealand set, bio-disaster, good doctor, bad government, Mad Max meets Dumb and Dumber mega cubic inch chase movie. With scenery.

Filmed in one of my favourite patches 0f world, the North of the South Island of NZ, this poster with the artist's impression of the Trans-Am has induced me to hunt out the DVD for Shaker Run. I mean it can't be that bad, can it ?

Hell, it's got Cliff Robertson in it; what could possibly go wrong ?

UPDATE: On checking Amazon, the DVD is only available in Region 4 (PAL) format, from NZ, and bloody expensively. Patience, my pretty.

Origin: UK 1985
Size: 30 x 40 in / 76 x 102 cm
Condition: Fine

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