Classic Car Collection : Poster Installation

Posted by Paul Veysey on

This installation is in a customer's motor-house, the fourth Classic Car Collection we've done now. The Classic Car Collection, only some of which is shown here ranges from '50s BMW microcar to current Rolls-Royce Phantom. He keeps insisting I drive the Ferrari Dino, then remembers the size of my feet.

For those who have asked about the other major installations I've done, and some of the interesting folk who have dallied and/or seriously invested with Drivepast Originals: A Gentleman Racer who runs one of the world's finest collections of Historic Race Cars from his Kensington Mews showrooms; the leading lights of both the Red Bull and McLaren F1 teams; the host of the country's most popular Saturday food show, who is also a collector and racer of great historics,; the chanteur known as JK; the top Le Mans Bentley and Classic Aston Martin dealers in the UK; Sir Stelios; Sywell Aerodrome (for their Art Deco 'Officers' Club); the Pebble Beach organisers in California; Adolfo Orsi, Movie Poster Collector and scion of the Maserati family. and by no means least, Ferrari and Porsche fanatic and collector, Franco in Belgium.
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