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Posted by Paul Veysey on

In the new C&SC there's their annual 'Market Report'. Three main interviews; one with Adolfo Orsi, scion of the Maserati family, one with Alain de Cadenet, and one with me.  Click here to reveal all.

Now that I have been christened as 'Poster Guru' by the mag., I shall have to take up a more ascetic lifestyle, eschewing strong drink, red meat and the pleasures of the flesh, which as those close to me are too polite to point out, don't usually involve a second person. And it's not the last you'll be hearing of me, as I'm told there will be a television piece later in September. More on that as and when.

And what a grand day today, but one when I regret including courier fees in all my prices. A big sale; thankyou very much, where shall I send it ? New Zealand ! Doh !

See you at Beaulieu and Goodwood ? I hope so !

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